Time Tracking List Updated

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Time Tracking Software List

If you didn’t know already, there’s a little microsite we’ve put together which helps people looking for a time tracking app to find the one which suits them. We built it because there are far too many time-trackers to choose from, and while each has its own specific merits, there was nowhere that was organising the information clearly.

Time Tracker List.com

Today I’m proud to unveil the new and updated list, with a cleaner design and a few new time-tracker apps. As I’ve checked through the latest additions, and updated a few of the existing time trackers, I’ve also noticed that amongst the top pick, there’s a real class of quality. Any of the timer apps which score above 85/100 have been pushed into the ‘top pick’ selection, and I’d gladly use any of them.

Here’s the updated website. Please do share your time-tracking experiences in the comments.

Time Tracker App List

Time Tracking List.com

New Design

Brett Lair, a freelancer from the EverClients community has designed a beautiful new GUI for the time tracker list which we’re very happy with. It was a pleasure to work with Brett, who is an outstanding designer, specialising in branding and UX.

Track Your Time?

What is your experience of tracking your time? Are you tracking your time day-in day-out? Is it adding value to your freelancing, or your life? Please do share your time tracking stories below in the comments, and if you haven’t already, read the previous post on Time Tracking for Freelancers.



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