EverClients Vision - Socially Legit Freelancing

Our Vision:
Empower solo-workers and small teams to do beautiful business

Beautiful Business:
     Business which prioritises people along with profits.
     Business that seeks to be environmentally aware, and sustainable.
     Business that works for an overall greater good.
Inspired in part by this talk by John Jantsch at #WDS2014.

EverClients Serves:

  • Solo-workers and small teams interested in improving lives through business
  • Freelancers interested in finding stability & sustainability
  • Craft freelancers, determined to master their creative work
  • Small teams who care more about quality than growth


Talented, keen, and adventurous people like you. People that fit with the EverClients movement are usually tenacious and hard working. We believe in doing the best work we can, mastering our businesses, and sharing our prosperity to create a better world.


Exploration, craftsmanship, and responsibility. Freelancers and small teams can change the world. Big business is often slow, lazy, and corrupt. Through our agility we can build a new type of business, a fun, modern, socially responsible, but still profitable business. We do this on our own terms, but together we can unite to form a group. The more of us which join in, crafting beautiful businesses together, the exponentially bigger the effect.

Brett Lair - Graphic DesignerBrett Lair, Graphic Designer

Not to mention the amount of hoops clients usually have to jump through to get anything done


… Through:

EverClients serves you through providing resources, research, and community around the idea of brilliant, or beautiful business.

  • Helpful tools and resources
  • Online Community
  • Research & case-studies on beautiful freelancing
  • Promoting giving-back


… Which Matters Because

Freelancing gives us back control of our lives. If not channeled, that control can become overwhelming, negative or even destructive. If channeled it empowers a freedom and happiness that previous generations have rarely felt.


This is a rare opportunity for us to do good, for our own health, and the health of our societies. As millions of us become freelancers, we have the possibility of re-writing the common business model. As individuals we all enjoy focusing on the mastery of our craft more than billing, and deep down we know that giving back to society is necessary in the era we live in.
We can do both.


By embodying the societal values we want to promote, we can change the way business is done. We can do beautiful business.


Join our community of purposeful freelancers below:

As freelancers we can change the world

Join the journey towards mastering your craft,
finding stability, sustainability, and giving back.


We guarantee 100% privacy. Ideal for serious freelancers & small teams, no B.S., no spam.

As freelancers we can change the world

Become a happier, more successful freelancer.
Free practical tips & freelancer comradeship.

We guarantee 100% privacy. Ideal for serious freelancers & small teams, no B.S., no spam.