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Freelancer Tool - You can use EverClients on any computer or laptop The Ultimate Freelancer App

Simple Web App, Great Leads

Bid or bin leads in a second, LeadFeed finds more

With EverClients:LeadFeed you get new, quality leads daily. LeadFeed checks 10+ sources, so you don't have to!

See leads from great sources in one specially built web app, or get the top leads sent to your email inbox, daily!

LeadFeed is currently available for freelance Designers and Developers.
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No Searching, Just Bidding

Streamline your work hunt!

Imagine opening your email, clicking a link, and bidding. With EverClients it's that simple.

Spend time mastering your bid and your craft, not loading 20 websites to check for work.

See work from many sources in one web-app, updated every minute of the day. Bid directly, without checking any job boards.

Bid Directly on New Work for Freelancer's No More Searching For Freelance Work
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Claim Back Hours of Your Life!

... While building a sustainable freelance business

Without the need for searching across many websites, you can build a habit of quickly and effectively bidding on work through Leadfeed.

For less than $1 (£0.60) /day you can save hours of work each week and make the work come in more consistently.

Free up time to relax, grow your business or master your craft!

Happy Customers

Here's what a few of our happy customers have to say about EverClients.

"You can't go wrong waking up every morning with an EverClients email waiting!"

@brettlair - Freelance Graphic Designer, Ontario, Canada

"EverClients saves me hours and hours every month, it's great!"

Will Fish - Freelance Java and Web Developer, Sevenoaks, UK

"EverClients is filling the gaps between existing clients nicely."

Miz Rahman (@50FoundrySaints)
Brand & Product Designer, London, UK

"Getting leads into my inbox is helping me loads"

Jamie Barrett - Freelance C++ Developer, Hertfordshire, UK

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$30 /month
Access to 200+ Leads /month
Get leads for 5 Keywords
Daily Leads Emails
24/7 Access to Leads Web App
Email Support


$30 /month
Access to 200+ Leads /month
Get leads for 5 Keywords
Daily Leads Emails
24/7 Access to Leads Web App
Email Support


$70 /month
Access to All Leads in LeadFeed
(400+ every month)
Get leads for 15 Keywords
Daily Leads Emails
24/7 Access to Leads Web App
Email Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I just find leads myself?

Sure, you could, but not efficiently or automatically. It's expensive in time to search across different freelance marketplaces and job boards, and you still might not find something that day.
With EverClients you leverage your time better, you get regular, high quality leads without any searching.

It seems expensive?

There are many costs of doing business. As a freelancer you may make $20ph or $100ph, EverClients will save you many hours a month of searching, and fill your pipeline with more work. As a result, you'll make more money.

Finding leads to help the work coming in can be time consuming.
Let EverClients do all that for you, so you can focus on being an epic freelancer.

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Behind EverClients

Woody Hayday - Experienced Freelance Developer

"I originally built a tool to make it easier to find work. That tool helped me double my rates and expand my business. Today that tool has evolved into the EverClients leads service.

There are so many places to find jobs and it's a competitive market, freelancers need services like this to stay competitive and prosper."

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